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          Construction machinery rebound in the first quarter, corporate performance soared

          Date:2017-04-18 09:27:51Clicks:

          March excavator sales record high industry recovery trend stabilization

          Excavator as a barometer of construction machinery industry, a strong rebound or will be the beginning of a comprehensive recovery of the industry, the cycle is lagging behind a number of other products are also ushering in the recovery of the economy accelerated. According to the Construction Machinery Association statistics, in March 2017 excavator sales of 21389 units, an increase of 56.2%, in 2017 1-3 cumulative sales of 40467 units, an increase of 98.87%, the growth rate hit a new high since 2002.

          Sales of major brands have achieved rapid growth. Domestic brands, in March, Xugong, Sany, Liugong, sunward, respectively, sold 2033, 4519, 1120, 448 units, respectively, an increase of 102%, 82%, 71%, 13%. Domestic brands in the first quarter cumulative market share of 48.9%, down 2.1ppt. Foreign brands, Japanese Komatsu sales of 1581 units, Hitachi sales of 1383 units, an increase of 86% and 50%; the Department of Korean modern Jiangsu, Doosan sales of 589 and 1701, an increase of 102%, 70%; Caterpillar sales of 3115 units, an increase of 89%.

          The first quarter of 2017, with the construction machinery leader said excavator sales strong rebound, some brands even out of stock, the construction machinery industry recovery trend stabilization. In the new aircraft, according to the China Engineering Association statistics, in 2017 first quarter excavator sales totaled 40467 units, an increase of 98.87%, the growth rate since 2002 hit a record high. The affected country three country two, last March excavator sales reached 14 thousand units. In such a high base, March excavator sales remained 55% year-on-year growth, visible downstream demand is still strong. From the domestic point of view, sales increased substantially: in March, China's eastern, central and Western excavator sales grew by 50%, 58.3%, 61.7%. Domestic year-on-year growth of 57.2%, export growth of 23.9%.

          Flat machine sold 1036 units in the first quarter, accounting for half of the country's exports

          Following the February sales growth of 64%, the flat machine in March continued to maintain rapid growth, sales reached 546 units, an increase of 42%. Among them, the Xugong Road Sales grader 210, continue to maintain the top position, accounting for 38.46% of total sales; Liugong to 99 units, sales ranked second, Chang Linzhu and Caterpillar (China) were ranked three or four. From the model point of view, in March, 180 horsepower sold a total of 140 units, accounting for 26%, becoming the best-selling model; followed by 165 horsepower, sales reached 102 units, accounting for nearly 20%.

          In March, a total of 235 units exported, accounting for 43% of total sales. Xugong road and Liugong almost equal, respectively 65 units and 62 units; Caterpillar (China) exports 48 units, ranked third. This month, the grader exported more models, including 140 horsepower, 120 horsepower, 165 horsepower, and 180 horsepower, all more than 30 units.

          First quarter, flat machine cumulative sales of 1036 units, an increase of 35.78%. Among them, XCMG Road Sales of 366 units, accounting for 35.32% of total sales; Liugong ranked second to 177 units sold, Caterpillar (Chinese) and Chang Linzhu separated three or four, two only three Taiwan sales gap. More than 4 brand sales accounted for 79.54% of total sales in the first quarter. In the first quarter, the best-selling model was 180 horsepower, with sales reaching 245 units, followed by 165 horsepower, 158 units, and 200 horsepower 124 units. A quarter of the total export of 519 units, accounting for half of total sales, XCMG Road, Caterpillar (China), Liugong for export sales of the top three. 120 horsepower for the export of the hottest models, reaching 104 units (the domestic sales of the model is zero), followed by 140 horsepower 94 units.

          In March, bulldozers fell 16.41% year on year, still optimistic in the first half

          In March, all enterprises sold 160 horsepower bulldozers 621 units, accounting for 80.75% of total sales, followed by 220 horsepower, total sales of 62 units.

          In March, the top five provinces were Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Jiangsu and Guangxi, of which 97 were sold in Anhui Province, exceeding the sum of sales in two or three provinces. At the same time, the five provinces are also in the first five provinces in March of this year. In the first three months, the total volume of bulldozers in Anhui reached 162 units, far ahead of second in Hubei Province, 104 units. It is worth mentioning that, Anhui sold all types of bulldozers, 160 horsepower occupy an absolute advantage, a total of 156 units sold, accounting for 96.3%.

          In March, the wetland type bulldozer continued the hot selling trend in February, and the limelight once again covered the standard type. It sold 472 units, accounting for 61.38%, of which 434 were 160 models. Exports, in March, bulldozers exported 118 units, accounting for 15.34% of total sales. Among them, 160 horsepower bulldozers exported 84 units, accounting for 71.19%.

          March loader sales of 11412 units, down 20%

          In March 2017, 26 major loader manufacturers in China sold 11412 kinds of loaders in total, down 20.15% from 2016 to March. 3 tons and more loaders sold 10393 units, accounting for 91.07% of total sales; less than 3 tons, small sales volume of 1019 units. The highest proportion of all models is the 5 ton loader, sales volume of 7081 units, accounting for 62.05%, followed by 3 tons, loader sales of 2438 units, accounting for 21.36%.

          March 2017 Roller Road sales statistics increased by 34% in the first quarter

          According to the Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association, pavement and compaction machinery statistics, 22 major companies in March 2017 total sales statistics of the roller 2295, the static roller 68, tire 193 sets, 985 sets of mechanical single steel wheel, hydraulic single drum 389 units, 311 sets of double steel wheel, light equipment 333, garbage compacting machine 10 sets, 6 sets of other types, 2017 cumulative sales of 3874 units, an increase of 34% in 2016; the number of monthly sales of the top three enterprises were Xugong 717 Taiwan, Liu Gonglu 231 Taiwan, 31 Taiwan 167.

          March milling machine sales of 113 units year-on-year growth of 17%

          According to the Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association, pavement and compaction machinery statistics, 11 major companies in March 2017 to participate in the statistics of the total sales of 113 sets of milling machine, the tire 65 sets, 48 sets of crawler. 2017 cumulative sales of 191 units, an increase of 17% in 2016; this month sales volume of the top three enterprises were Wittgen 76 units, XCMG 29 units, BMW, 31, 3 units.

          Infrastructure, depreciation replacement to become warmer biggest boost

          At present, the domestic industry situation to a good, manufacturers have varying degrees of market shortage. This wave of industry, not only is the national level of good policy release and infrastructure investment, at the same time, the mining industry and agriculture, forestry drives effective recovery of old equipment replacement, and the shortage of rural labor force, to further accelerate the popularization rate of equipment.

          14, according to the macroeconomic data released by the National Bureau of statistics show that investment in infrastructure 1-2 month cumulative increase of 21.26%, higher than the same period last year and last year growth of 5.55%, is a major factor in the growth rate of fixed asset investment rebound. In March 5th the "government work report", the prime minister also made clear "this year to complete the 800 billion yuan investment in railway construction, highway and waterway investment of 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, and then started 15 major water conservancy projects, continue to strengthen rail transport, civil aviation and Telecommunications major projects of infrastructure construction." The industry predicts that in 2017 China's infrastructure investment will increase by more than 20%, the overall size of about 16 trillion yuan.


          In addition to infrastructure investment, construction machinery industry depreciation replacement is also a big boost. It is understood that the average life expectancy of construction machinery products is about 8~10, and this year from the outbreak of 2008 is just 9 years, in a new peak of depreciation. In recent years, the proportion of new demand for depreciation continues to increase, and after calculations, such as excavator depreciation replacement demand has accounted for 70% of the overall demand.

          After 5 years of winter period, the whole construction machinery industry began warmed up, terminal sales agents, accelerated, full payment proportion increased gradually, the host plant cash flow increase. To XCMG, Zoomlion, Liugong as an example: in 2016 the Xugong operating cash flow of more than 22 times, an increase in operating cash flow of 2 billion 169 million yuan, for the first time, Liugong positive operating cash flow of 1 billion 378 million yuan over the past three years, an increase of 848%. And its accounts receivable balance has shown a gradual decline trend, the accounts receivable balances of XCMG and Liugong are down 14.53% and 16.88% respectively. With the continued warming in the first quarter, the balance of accounts receivable of enterprises will be significantly improved!

          Changsha Hong Gao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
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